Sugar Grove Water AuthorityOrganized in 1986

Board Members:

  • Daniel Nagel – President
  • Jeff Babich – Secretary
  • Jerry Elliott – Treasurer

Township of Sugar Grove
54 Snow Street
Sugar Grove, IL 60554

Phone: (630) 466-4283
Fax: (630) 409-3150

A Water Authority gives local control to local people

The powers of Board of Trustees include:

  • Gather information about existing & future water supply
  • Inspect wells
  • Require registration of existing wells
  • Require permits for new wells or changes to existing wells
  • Require abandon wells to be plugged
  • Establish limits or priorities on the use of water during periods of actual or threatened water shortage
  • Enforce ordinances through water authority oversite
  • Designed to advocate rural & agricultural interests
  • Designed to protect boundary encroachment


The benefits of a local Water Authority.

  • Encourages strategic coordination among municipal governments to ensure continued delivery of high quality water to region’s residents
  • Insure a water supply for today and the future
  • Provide legal water voice for local people
  • Low cost to the property owner — approx. $2.00 per year
  • Responsible management of our valuable natural resource
  • Provide legal representation to preserve existing water laws.
  • Provide Conservation Educational Information to community

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