National Ground Water monitoring network is presently in 22 states with efforts & funding to expand. Kane County is a priority especially in shallow wells. Sugar Grove Water Authority participants addressed two points of geophysical data/analysis need in Sugar Grove TWP/Kane County: Deep aquifer (primarily the St. Peter Sandstone at 500 to 1000 ft. deep) measured to local dewatering rates due to conduit demand from larger communities’ usage such as Joliet and/or Aurora. Second, locally measuring our main shallow aquifer (St. Charles Bedrock Valley at <100 ft. thickness) to monitor the reliability of shallow water availability and contamination levels such as chloride concentrations is of high interest. The concern for confined vs. unconfined aquifer water drift was also mentioned.

Jerry Elliott, Sugar Grove Water Authority Treasurer, emphasized the need to monitor water levels in Sugar Grove Township. He pointed to local property owner’s dependence on their personal wells. For instance, recent 9-day Fox River algae bloom resulted in 100% ground water pumping by large consumers thus dropping their aquifer head levels 60ft. During this event, a Montgomery homeowner’s well actually went dry for an extended time. Jerry also mentioned chloride contamination from road salting was a measurement concern.

Toward a positive point, Jerry talked about the economic favorability provided to the community. We would be provided data and geophysical analysis to show potential economic development interests that Sugar Grove Township has a sound supply of good quality water of which is monitored now and into the future. Water managers are provided the ability to detect hourly pumping influences to aquifers, seasonal changes in water levels, recharge, contaminations, and assess interconnections between aquifers. A winning day for us and the Cubs!!

Submitted by:

Jerry Elliott
Sugar Grove Water Authority


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